Find Speakable's W-9, our policy on Purchase Orders and more.
Creating a Multiple Choice Card: A Step-by-Step Guide
Adding Spotify or Apple Podcasts to an Activity
Troubleshooting Speech Recognition on iOS
Supporting Multilingual Students: Dynamic Translations with Speakable
Your Guide to Creating Activities on Speakable
Comparing Speakable Plans: From Basic to Professional
Creating Your Teacher Account
Understanding Phrase Verification Statuses in Speakable
Speakable isn't Recognizing My Voice
Speakable W9 and Purchase Orders
Troubleshooting Microphone and Pronunciation Issues
Unblocking Google Sign On for your Students using Speakable
Speakable Privacy Policy
Speakable Subcontractors
Understanding How Repeat Card Auto-Grading Works
How to Add Students to Your Sections on Speakable: A Step-by-Step Guide
How to Create a Conversation Activity with Short Respond Cards
Setting Students Up for Success: Guide to using Text Cards for Instructions.
How to Turn a Quizlet Set into a Speaking Exercise or Assignment
Guide to Creating Engaging Speaking Assignments
How to Use Speakable Speaking Assignments on a Chromebook
Using Assignments on Desktop / Laptop Computers
Using Speakable Assignments on an iPhone or iPad
Using Speakable Assignments on Android Devices
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