Google Images

Incorporate visuals directly from Google Images, adding depth and variety to your teaching materials.

Elevate Lessons with Visual Excellence

Seamless Google Image Integration with Speakable

Visual Brilliance

Enrich lessons with captivating visuals. Speakable simplifies the process of finding relevant images by seamlessly integrating Google Image Search into activities

Effortless Image Integration

Empower teachers with ease. Within the Speakable builder, educators can seamlessly search Google Images and add visuals to activities without navigating away from the platform

Enhanced Learning Experience

Immerse learners in a visual journey. The Google Image Integration feature allows teachers to effortlessly enhance activities with visually compelling content, fostering a deeper understanding

Uninterrupted Creativity

Stay in the flow of creation. Speakable's Google Image Integration ensures a smooth experience for teachers, enabling them to enhance activities with curated visuals without disrupting their workflow

Benefits for Teachers

  • Search millions of images quickly from one place
  • Easily make activities more visually engaging
  • Provides relevant visual content to reinforce lessons
  • Saves time locating images manually

Benefits for Students

  • Participates in multimedia, interactive lessons
  • Boosts visual learning and retention
  • Appeals to diverse learning preferences
  • Increased engagement through compelling visuals

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Key Features

  • Search the expansive Google Image database
  • Preview images before adding to activities
  • Embed images on all cards except video cards

Make Activities More Visually Appealing

With the Google Image integration, improve student engagement by seamlessly incorporating relevant visuals into your lessons

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