Creating a Multiple Choice Card: A Step-by-Step Guide

Andrew Platt
Dec 4, 2023

1. Selecting the Question Type

Choose the appropriate format for your question:

  • Single-Select: For only one correct answer.
  • Multi-Check: When multiple answers are correct.

2. Writing Your Question

Input your question in the 'Question' field provided.

3. Adding Answer Choices

Click 'Add Option' to input possible answers. Toggle 'Shuffle' for randomizing the order.

4. Identifying the Correct Answer(s)

For Single-Select, click the radio button beside the correct answer. For Multi-Check, select multiple correct answers.

5. Configuring Attempts and Scoring

Enable 'Multiple Attempts' if needed and set the point value for the question.

6. Including Images (Optional)

Click 'Add an image to your card' to upload relevant visuals.

7. Previewing the Card

Use the 'Preview' feature to review the card's appearance and functionality.

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