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ACTFL / WIDA Estimates

Utilize ACTFL or WIDA level estimates to gauge students' language proficiency levels

Understanding students' proficiency levels is crucial for differentiation

Speakable provides ACTFL and WIDA estimates to gauge abilities

Proficiency Frameworks

ACTFL and WIDA are standards used to measure language proficiency. They provide a continuum to benchmark students' skills


ACTFL categorizes proficiency into novice, intermediate, advanced, superior, and distinguished levels. This framework is commonly used for world languages.


WIDA focuses on academic language development for English learners. It uses grade-specific standards from 1-12 and 6 language proficiency levels.

Proficiency Estimates

Based on responses to Speakable's respond cards, ACTFL or WIDA levels are estimated using AI. Explanations provide rationale behind the levels.

Benefits for Educators

  • Quickly gauge current student abilities
  • Monitor language development over time
  • Personalize instruction and activities based on levels
  • Leverage detailed explanations of estimates
  • Compliment in-class formative assessments

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With ACTFL and WIDA estimates, understand  where students are on their language learning journey.

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