Grading & Feedback


Save valuable time with auto-grading capabilities for select card types. Automated grading ensures efficiency while enhancing the learning experience.

Auto-Grading for Key Card Types

Manually grading assignments can be time-consuming. Speakable's auto-grading evaluates assignments to optimize your workflow.

Practice Activities

Repeat cards are auto-graded pass/fail based on pronunciation.

Respond and written cards give instant feedback on grammar, vocabulary, and content.


Repeat cards function the same as practice.

For respond and written cards, teachers review recordings, transcripts, and AI insights before finalizing grades. Feedback can be customized.

The Benefits of Auto-Grading

  • Saves grading time through instant evaluation.
  • Provides students immediate feedback on practice work.
  • Allows teachers to efficiently assess student abilities.
  • Generates detailed analytics reports for teachers.
  • Optimizes planning and workflows.

With auto-grading, say goodbye to grading headaches and unlock more time to work directly with students.

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