Troubleshooting Speech Recognition on iOS

Andrew Platt
Oct 9, 2023

In order for Speakable’s voice recognition to work properly on iOS devices, you must enable “Speech Recognition” on the device settings as well as accept the request to access the microphone while using Speakable in Safari. Below are more detailed instructions to ensure your assignments will work on the iPad (or other iOS devices).

1. Control access to speech recognition on iOS Devices

  1. Choose Apple menu > System Settings, then click Privacy & Security in the sidebar. (You may need to scroll down.)
  2. Click Speech Recognition on the right.
  3. Turn access to speech recognition on for Safari

For more details and older iOS versions, visit the Apple Support

Navigate to “Settings” → Privacy security → Then find “Speech Recognition” on the right.

Make sure “Safari” toggle is in the on (green) position.

2. Accept Permissions for Speakable to access the microphone

Press allow every time you’re prompted to access the mic in Speakable. If you accidentally hit “cancel”, please refresh the page to be prompted again.

3. Close all other browser windows and apps on the iPad

To be sure there aren’t other microphone permissions interfering with your Speakable assignment, close all other browser windows in Safari and other application before attempting to start the assignment. This will ensure all resources are dedicated to a smooth experience on Safari.To do so, double tap the “home” button to see all open applications. Swipe up on each one to close them.

Then, be sure to only have the assignment open on Safari.Please reach out to the Speakable team for more assistance if needed at

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