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Listening Cards

Utilize our text-to-speech feature for custom audio lessons, or integrate videos and podcasts for enhanced listening exercises.

Key Features of Listening Cards

Listening cards immerse students in engaging audio content and exercises to advance listening comprehension.

Text-to-Speech Cards

Text-to-speech cards allow teachers to convert text into narrated audio. As the passage is read aloud, words are highlighted on screen, connecting audio and visuals.

Video Cards

Teachers can embed video content from YouTube and other sources. Videos can cover diverse topics and be paired with pre and post-viewing exercises.

Benefits for Language Learners

  • Improves listening comprehension
  • Expands vocabulary through audio context
  • Enhances focus and retention
  • Allows self-paced learning and repetition
  • Engages visual and auditory learners

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Engaging Any Learning Environment

Speakable’s listening cards are designed for diverse settings:

  • Remote and hybrid classrooms
  • In-person instruction
  • Individual and group work
  • Beginner through advanced levels

Listening cards help students achieve mastery of listening comprehension. Take your instruction beyond the textbook and integrate exciting audio content.

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