Your Guide to Creating Activities on Speakable

Austin Meusch
Oct 5, 2023

Creating an Activity

Welcome to Speakable, a comprehensive platform designed to empower language learning through engaging and personalized activities. As a teacher, you can create auto-graded speaking practices for your students by seamlessly mixing and matching our unique card types. Let's dive into each of these card types to help you utilize their full potential:

  1. Repeat Card The Repeat Card is an invaluable tool, designed to fortify language proficiency through the time-tested method of repetition. Here, students listen to a given word, phrase, or sentence and then repeat it, honing their pronunciation in real-time. Each student's response is evaluated immediately by our AI, facilitating instant and accurate feedback. ◦ Google image integration ◦ Real-time feedback for students ◦ Auto-graded
  2. Short Response Card This card type enables students to engage in succinct language exchanges, developing their conversational aptitude. With a 30-second response window, students can express their thoughts or answer queries in a focused and manageable span. Our AI delivers immediate, personalized feedback on these responses. ◦ Real-time feedback for students ◦ Estimates proficiency based on ACTFL or WIDA levels ◦ Auto-grading available
  3. Long Response Card Our Long Response Card provides students with up to three minutes to articulate their responses to a specific prompt. This fosters a more intricate understanding and expression of the language. Instant feedback further enriches the learning experience by highlighting areas of strength and offering suggestions for improvement. ◦ Real-time feedback for students ◦ Estimates proficiency based on ACTFL or WIDA levels ◦ Auto-grading available
  4. Watch (Video) Card Incorporating video content into language learning has never been easier! With our Watch Card, students can view authentic videos, pause, replay and refine their listening comprehension skills. The immersive experience also lets students absorb essential visual and cultural cues. ◦ Youtube integration ◦ Open tracking
  5. Read (Text) Card The Read Card is a versatile tool that allows you to easily add instructions, highlight key points, or separate concepts using rich formatting and hyperlinks. It can also be used to present target language text for students to read, enhancing their reading skills in the target language. ◦ Hyperlink resources ◦ AI Writing Assistance

Leveraging these five card types in your language activities will not only engage your students but also provide them with a holistic learning experience

Assigning Your Activities: Making Your Custom Activity Available to Students

Once you've constructed your activity, it's time to assign it to your students. We've streamlined the process to make it as simple and straightforward as possible. Here's a quick rundown:

  1. Initiate the Assignment: From the builder, you'll see an 'Assign' button. Click on it to start the process of assigning your activity.
  2. Set the Points: Enter the total points you want the assignment to be worth. This value will be used for grading purposes.
  3. Choose the Grading Method: You have two options for grading - Practice and Assessment. Choose the one that fits best with your instructional goals. In Practice mode, students will get immediate feedback and can repeat exercises until they're comfortable, while Assessment mode has students submit their assignments to you for review and feedback.
  4. Select the Sections: You can choose one or multiple sections to assign your activity to.
  5. Set the Dates: On the next page, you can add a start and due date for the assignment. If you don't need a specific timeline, you can leave these fields blank.

After these steps, you'll be presented with a summary screen showing all the details of your assignment. From here, you have a few options:

  • Go to the Assignment Results Page: Track student progress and view analytics as students start completing the activity.
  • Preview the Assignment: Before your students get their hands on it, you might want to see the activity from their perspective. Click 'Preview' to view the assignment as a student.
  • Copy the Assignment Link: Finally, you can copy the assignment link and share it with your students. They can use this link to access the assignment directly.

And voila! Your personalized language activity is now ready to engage and educate your students. Your carefully designed activity, combined with our intuitive assignment process, creates a potent learning experience for your students. Happy teaching!

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