Shared Curriculum

Organization Library

Collaborate with fellow educators within your school, district, or organization. Share resources, cultivate a community of knowledge, and enhance teaching materials.

Cultivate Collaboration, Elevate Education

Empower Educators with Custom Libraries

Collaborative Hub

Connect with educators and break free from silos. Speakable's custom libraries foster collaboration, enabling the sharing of knowledge and materials seamlessly within organizations

Effortless Sharing

Say goodbye to working in isolation. The District/Organization Library facilitates effortless sharing of activities created by fellow educators, promoting a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement

Tailored Resources

Access a wealth of resources customized for your district, school, or educational organization. Benefit from the collective expertise of peers to enhance teaching and learning

Inclusive Learning Community

Join a community where knowledge flows freely. Explore and contribute to a library that reflects the unique needs and strengths of your educational community

Benefits for Educators

  • Discover curated content made by colleagues
  • Saves time by leveraging shared resources
  • Fosters connections and collaboration
  • Creates curriculum alignment across classes
  • Provides administrators visibility into activities

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Key Features

  • Displays activities created within your organization
  • "Copy and edit" feature to customize shared resources
  • Builds institutional knowledge over time
  • Unites both teachers and administrators

With the Organization Library, tap into the collective expertise of your team.

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