How to Turn a Quizlet Set into a Speaking Exercise or Assignment

Andrew Platt
May 22, 2022

With only a few clicks you can import a Quizlet set and assign it to students for speaking practice.

Step 1: Copy the set to your clipboard

Open your set on Quizlet and select the export button.


From the export modal, select copy to copy the set to your clipboard.

Step 2: Paste it into the Lightning Builder on Speakable

a. Select "Lightning Builder" on the side panel.

b. Click on the "Import" tab.

c. Paste it into the text box on the right side of your screen. Hot keys: command + v (apple), control + v (windows & chrome). Review data and select import.

d. You should now see the words pasted in each column underneath their respective language.




Make sure the words in each column match the appropriate language. If they are not matching, click the dark blue switch button in the middle to switch them to the correct column.



Step 3: Preview

Once the languages are in the correct columns, click "Create Preview". If you have the images toggle in the sidebar in the "on" position, AI will automatically find and add relevant images for you. Once you're ready, click the "Create and Edit" button. This will take you to the builder.


Step 4: Edit & Assign

In the builder, you may further edit each card, select the voice for the set, edit meta data such as the title, set image, and description, and even add additional cards!


Click preview to try the set yourself. If you want to assign it to students, click the "Assign" button in the top navigation bar of the builder.

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