Comparing Speakable Plans: From Basic to Professional

Austin Meusch
Oct 5, 2023

Understanding the differences between Speakable's various plans can help you select the best option for your teaching needs. Each plan is designed to provide a certain level of features, tools, and functionality to support your language teaching journey. Here's a comprehensive comparison to aid in your decision-making process:

  1. Basic Plan (Free): The Basic Plan is designed for educators who are just getting started with Speakable. It offers the essential tools to create engaging speaking practice for students. Features include access to the Global Library to search, assign, copy, and edit content, along with the ability to create and assign practice assignments using Repeat, Video, and Text cards in the Activity Builder.
  2. Starter Plan ($12/mo): The Starter Plan includes all features of the Basic plan, with the added benefits of an AI card creator and Gradebook access. This plan is best suited for teachers who need a more structured approach to grading and want to streamline the assignment creation process.
  3. Growth Plan ($56/mo): Building upon the Starter Plan, the Growth Plan includes the ability to create and assign Short Response cards. Additionally, it provides ACTFL or WIDA level estimation and recording transcriptions, Google Classroom grade passback, Assignment analytics, and allows unlimited short response card submissions. This plan is ideal for educators requiring detailed student analytics and expanded assignment options.
  4. Professional Plan ($99/mo): The Professional Plan offers the most comprehensive suite of Speakable features. On top of all Growth Plan features, it includes the ability to create and assign Long Response cards (with up to 300 submissions per month), and the Assessment grading method is enabled. This plan is perfect for educators seeking a fully-featured language teaching solution.

Each subscription caters to up to 150 total students in your sections. All plans also offer a 20% discount for annual purchases, with bulk purchases available.Organization Plan: The Organization Plan is designed for wider institutional adoption, perfect for those purchasing on behalf of multiple teachers or an entire organization. It provides unlimited access for all teachers and incorporates features such as dedicated account management, shared curriculum and planning, organization analytics, and more. This plan also enables the purchase of additional long response credits, sold in bundles of 25,000, to further boost your teaching capabilities.

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