Setting Students Up for Success: Guide to using Text Cards for Instructions.

Austin Meusch
Jul 8, 2023

As a language educator, you have the important role of guiding your students through their learning journey. The first step towards success in any assignment is clear instructions. Speakable recognizes this and provides you with a fantastic tool: text cards. In this article, we'll guide you on how to use this feature to create effective instructional cards that will empower your students and set them up for success in their assignments.

Step 1: Access the Activity Builder:

To start creating a Speakable assignment, navigate to the Activity Builder in your account. Here, you'll find a range of tools and options to craft a custom activity, including the option to add text cards.

Step 2: Add a Text Card:

Select the option to add a text card. This will bring up an editable text box where you can input your instructions. Remember, this card will be the first thing your students see when they start the activity, so make sure the instructions are clear and concise.

Step 3: Craft the Instructions:

Begin by introducing the assignment. Mention the objectives of the activity and what you expect the students to achieve. Next, provide step-by-step instructions on what the students should do. For instance, in a speaking practice activity, you might instruct them to listen to each card and then repeat it until they get it correct.

Step 4: Provide Additional Resources:

The beauty of the text cards is that you can include links to additional resources. If there's a pronunciation guide (example), syllable breaking videos (example), or any other useful resources (example) that could help your students, link to them in your instructions. Provide explicit directions on when and how to use these resources.

Step 5: Offer Troubleshooting Guidance:

After providing resources, give your students clear guidance on what to do if they face difficulties. Offer solutions like adjusting the voice settings on Speakable, referencing a pronunciation guide, or reaching out to you for help.

Step 6: Include Submission Instructions:

Finally, let your students know what they should do upon completing the assignment. This could include submitting their results, providing feedback, or proceeding to another activity.See a real-world example of an instructional text card in a beginner Spanish assignment on Speakable.


Speakable's text cards are a powerful tool to provide comprehensive instructions and resources for your students. Remember, the clearer and more detailed the instructions, the easier it will be for your students to successfully complete the assignment. Happy teaching, and remember, every instruction you give brings your students one step closer to their language learning goals.

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