How to Add Students to Your Sections on Speakable: A Step-by-Step Guide

Andrew Platt
Aug 1, 2023

Are you ready to engage your students with Speakable but not sure how to add them to your sections? Worry not! There are two straightforward methods to do this:

  1. Import students from Google Classroom or Clever.
  2. Create a "link" section and share the link with your students for them to join.

Let's break down both of these processes.

Importing Students from Google Classroom or Clever

Firstly, if you plan to use this method, it's crucial to create your Speakable account using the same Single Sign-On (SSO) as the Learning Management System (LMS) you wish to import sections from. For Google Classroom, select 'Sign up with Google,' and for Clever, opt for 'Sign up with Clever.' If your school uses both systems, we recommend Google Classroom, as it offers an additional feature – grade passback – that Clever doesn't support.To connect Google Classroom:

  1. Click 'Add Section.'
  2. Select 'Google Classroom.'
  3. You will be prompted to sign into your Google Classroom account.
  4. Once connected, select the sections you want to import.

And that's it! Speakable will automatically create your sections, and you'll be ready to start crafting assignments.We won't go through a specific Clever example in this article, but the steps for Clever integration mirror those for Google Classroom.

Creating a Section Using a Course Link

Alternatively, you might prefer to create a 'link' section:

  1. Click 'Create' and select 'Join Link.'
  2. Name your section and identify your students' target language and native language. If your students have more than one native language, simply choose the most common one. (We'll cover dynamic card translations for multi-language classes in another article.)
  3. Share the generated course link with your students. It's essential to do this before creating and sharing assignment links.

And voilà! Your section is ready, and students can join through the link.

Managing Your LMS Integration

If you're using the LMS integrations, you can easily manage these connections from your settings page.And there you have it – two efficient ways to get your students started on Speakable. Whether you're importing from an LMS or creating a custom course link, you're well on your way to revolutionizing language learning for your students.

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