Understanding Phrase Verification Statuses in Speakable

Andrew Platt
Oct 5, 2023

Our goal is to make your language teaching processes as smooth and efficient as possible. Understanding the Phrase Verification Status in Speakable is one of the key steps to achieving this. We’ve provided five different statuses to help you comprehend how capable our voice recognition features are at accurately recognizing and understanding the meaning of a specific term or phrase you provide.

1. Verified

Bravo! This is the status you love to see. It means the voice recognition system has consistently recognized the specific term or phrase accurately, and it's been verified by the community (or yourself). A friendly green check mark icon verifies these phrases.

2. Warning

Uh-oh! This status indicates that a phrase or term might cause a little bit of trouble. It's not always accurately recognized by Speakable's voice recognition, so it might be good to give these phrases a quick once-over in the preview. A yellow warning icon signals these phrases.

3. Not Recommended for Use

A red flag! We suggest you change or avoid phrases with this status. Our voice recognition may not work effectively with these phrases, and we wouldn't want your students to get frustrated! These phrases are marked with a cautionary red icon.

4. Not Working

Trouble in paradise! This status signals phrases or terms that are unresponsive with our voice recognition system. It's best to change these out - a red icon also accompanies these phrases.

5. Unverified

A yellow signpost! This status means it's time for adventure - well, a small one at least. The term hasn't been fully verified by the community, so it's like an unexplored treasure island, you could find gold or maybe just a coconut. A yellow warning icon denotes these phrases.

The secret ingredient for Speakable's magic is that our voice recognition understands meaning, not sounds. This means the phrases or terms used should have a defined meaning - reciting the alphabet sequence won’t work well here, for instance. So, the terms you assign should be full words or meaningful phrases, not sounds (like ahhh, or mmm or even the ABC's).We hope that interpreting these statuses becomes second nature to you as you continue your journey with us. We're always here to support your language learning! Remember, the world is more connected when we understand each other.Speakable Team.

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