Activity Creation

Writing Cards

Pose questions or topics and let students submit their written responses.

Key Features of Writing Cards

Writing cards provide interactive writing exercises to advance students' proficiency.

Guided Writing Activities

Teachers can create diverse writing prompts from brainstorming ideas to crafting essays. Time limits, word/character counts, and topics can be customized.

Instant AI Feedback

After submitting their writing, students receive instant AI-generated feedback analyzing vocabulary, grammar, style, and content. Feedback is personalized to each student.

Benefits for Language Learners

  • Builds writing skills in the target language
  • Expands vocabulary, grammar, and syntax knowledge
  • Develops communicative competence
  • Receives personalized feedback for growth
  • Fosters writing stamina and clarity

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Engaging Any Learning Environment

Speakable’s writing cards are designed for diverse settings:

  • Remote and hybrid classrooms
  • In-person instruction
  • Individual and collaborative work
  • Beginner through advanced levels

Writing cards help cultivate confident, expressive writers. Go beyond pen and paper to make writing interactive.

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