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Speaking Cards

Have students repeat words or phrases, respond to prompts, or engage in conversations.

Key Features of Speaking Cards

Speaking cards help students master pronunciation, build confidence, and expand their oral language abilities.

Repeat Cards

Repeat cards allow students to practice pronouncing different words, phrases, and sentences. The number of repetitions can be customized to meet each student's needs. Real-time voice recognition provides instant feedback on pronunciation.

Respond Cards

With respond cards, students can react to prompts and have natural conversations. Time limits for responses can be adjusted as students advance. Students receive AI-powered feedback analyzing content, vocabulary, grammar, and more.

Conversation Cards

Coming Soon

Conversation cards encourage dialogue between students to make speaking practice more natural and engaging. Teachers can create customized conversational prompts and topics.

Benefits for Language Learners

  • Improves pronunciation accuracy
  • Builds oral fluency and confidence
  • Expands vocabulary and grammar skills
  • Provides personalized guidance and feedback
  • Accommodates different ability levels
  • Makes speaking practice interactive and fun
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Engaging Any Learning Environment

Speaking cards are designed for diverse learning settings:

  • Remote and hybrid classrooms
  • In-person instruction
  • Individual and group work
  • Beginner through advanced levels
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