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Wow! What a great program! I am using it to help the students prepare for the speaking part of their final. They not only see the words but also hear themselves pronouncing them. What a time saver! In the past, I would have the students record words or stories and then go and listen. Now Speakable guides them and I get to spend time with the students that really need the extra help. It's super easy to import my Quizlet lists.

Terry Silvey

Spanish Teacher

"...The fact that my students keep trying to perfect their pronunciation is both challening and rewarding. When you add phenomenal customer service that sees to teacher needs, you have a powerful combination that cares about what happens in the classroom. It is easy to import word lists from a spreadsheet, from Quizlet, from a doc in order to create fun and engaging challenges for your students (of all levels) and you are not limited to single words, either"

Will Fritz

Prof. de Français

My students were excited about it the moment I showed them. I made it optional at first but still had many students using it on a weekly basis. They can practice their vocabulary and pronunciation simultaneously. In my decade as a foreign language teacher, I have not seen anything like this. It is truly a game changer.

Thomas Donar

Spanish Teacher- WNHS

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