Google Classroom

Seamlessly manage content and grading processes with Google Classroom. Enhance the educational experience with full integration.

Seamless Integration, Effortless Management

Simplify Learning with Speakable and Google Classroom

Unified Workflows

Say goodbye to system juggling. Speakable seamlessly integrates with Google Classroom, streamlining the management of learning across multiple platforms.

Teacher-Friendly Setup

Experience hassle-free integration. Teachers can easily log in, import classes, and effortlessly pass back grades between Speakable and Google Classroom, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

Student-Centric Experience

Streamlined for learners. Students benefit from a unified experience through single sign-on, making their interaction with Speakable and Google Classroom seamless and user-friendly.

Efficiency in Action

Unlock the potential of integration. With Speakable and Google Classroom working in harmony, teaching and learning become more efficient, allowing educators to focus on what matters most – student success

Benefits for Teachers

  • Single sign-on for easy access
  • Automated class rostering from Google Classroom
  • Grades pass back automatically to align gradebooks
  • Unified learning environment for students
  • Saves time managing across systems

Benefits for Students

  • Single login to access Speakable through Google Classroom
  • Consistent student experience across platforms
  • Progress automatically tracked between systems

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Key Features

  • Automated rostering and account provisioning
  • Native gradebook alignment
  • Simplified login for teachers and students
  • Tight integration allows managing classes in one place

With seamless Google Classroom integration, manage classes more efficiently so you can focus on what matters - unlocking student potential

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