Creating Your Teacher Account

Andrew Platt
Oct 5, 2023

To kick-start your Speakable journey, navigate to and create your teacher account.There are two distinct paths you can take to create your account:

  1. Manual Sign Up: You can fill in your details such as email, password, your students' target language and their native language. Click on 'Create Account' after you've entered all the information. The target language you select here will be automatically set as default for all assignments you create, simplifying the process for you. However, if necessary, you can alter this default language in your settings later.
  2. Sign Up with Google/Clever: If you're planning to integrate your Speakable account with Google Classroom or Clever, it's essential to use the associated Single Sign-On (SSO). Simply click on 'Sign up with Google' or 'Sign up with Clever' button to proceed. This ensures a seamless syncing of your classes and grading.

By signing up, you gain access to Speakable's comprehensive suite of tools and features, designed to empower your language teaching and help students master the art of speaking new languages. Remember, setting your account correctly from the start will allow for a smoother and more enjoyable Speakable experience.

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