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Explore a vast repository of activities from educators around the world in Speakable's Global Library. Discover resources to enrich your lessons and create engaging assignments.

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Explore a vast array of high-quality teaching materials at your fingertips. The Global Library offers a diverse range of activities to suit every learner

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Benefit from the expertise of educators worldwide. Our library is filled with activities crafted by real teachers, ensuring relevance and effectiveness

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No more searching for hours! The Global Library provides instant access to thousands of activities, saving you valuable time in lesson planning

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Discover language learning activities specifically designed for success with Speakable. Elevate your teaching experience with resources tailored to enhance the learning journey

Benefits for Educators

  • Instantly access thousands of activities to use and customize
  • Searches surface relevant results for your needs
  • Adds diversity to your curriculum
  • Saves time creating materials from scratch
  • Connects you to a global teacher community

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Key Features

  • Robust search and filtering tools
  • New activities added daily
  • "Copy and edit" feature to customize results
  • Covers diverse languages, levels, and subjects
  • Activities include speaking, writing, reading, listening, and assessment

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