Grading & Feedback

Gradebook & Analytics

Stay ahead of your class's progress with our gradebook and analytics tools. Monitor student performance and make data-driven decisions to enhance teaching.

Understanding student performance is key for effective teaching

Speakable provides robust analytics and gradebook tools to uncover meaningful data

Assignment Analytics

Review class and individual student performance on each activity. Filter analytics by card type

Student Analytics Pages

Dive into individual student progress. Track strengths, weaknesses, and growth over time

Card Analytics Pages

See overall class performance on a specific card along with individual student results. Identify trouble spots

Centralized Gradebook

An integrated gradebook makes accessing student scores easy

The Benefits of Analytics

  • Provides comprehensive insight into student abilities
  • Surfaces actionable data to inform teaching practices
  • Simplifies progress monitoring for the class and individual students
  • Saves time accessing scores through centralized gradebook
  • Identifies learning gaps to address through targeted instruction

With analytics, uncover the insights you need to take student growth to the next level.

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