Understanding Language Support in Speakable

Explore Speakable's diverse language functionalities to support your classroom needs. Find out if your language is supported with our detail
Austin Meusch
Aug 3, 2023

Mastering Pronunciation: A Guide to Using Syllable Breaking Videos on SpanishDict.com

Learning a new language can sometimes feel like climbing a tall mountain, but with the right tools and resources, the trek becomes much...
Jul 8, 2023

Guía de Pronunciación de Inglés para Hablantes de Español

Esta guía te presentará los aspectos clave de la pronunciación en inglés.
Jun 1, 2023

How Second Language Learners Can Set Realistic and Achievable Goals

Applying the "long term patient, short term impatient" mindset to second language acquisition
Austin Meusch
Dec 8, 2022

Haber: Your Essential Tool for Building Strong Spanish Sentences.

This Speakable features a video created by Ana of Butterfly Spanish and speaking practice for 15 phrases. Some of the key takeaways from...
Jul 31, 2022

The Power of 'Ya': How to Use It in Different Contexts in Spanish

This Speakable features a video created by Ana of Butterfly Spanish and speaking practice for 16 phrases. In the video Ana covers what the..
Jul 30, 2022

How I Learned Portuegese

I wanted to make the most of my summer after sophomore year of college, and thought it would be a great opportunity to travel and start...
Nick Meusch
Nov 18, 2021

Spanish Grammar 101: Present Perfect Tense Explained

In Spanish, the present perfect tense is one of the most important tenses to learn.
Jul 26, 2021

Don't Get Lost in Translation: Using Indirect Objects Correctly in Spanish

Are you struggling to master indirect objects in Spanish? Don't worry, we're here to help! In this blog post, we'll provide you with..
Jul 21, 2021

Ir: The Simplest Way to Talk About the Future in Spanish

As a Spanish learner, you might find yourself struggling with the future tense. It's understandable - the future tense is often considered..
Jun 30, 2021

Understanding the Differences between Adjectives and Adverbs in Spanish and English

Learning a new language can be challenging, especially when it comes to grammar rules and usage of adjectives and adverbs...
Jun 30, 2021

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