Time-Saving & Grading Efficiency

Speakable automates the grading process through features like auto-grading for repeat and respond cards. This solution helps teachers save significant time by eliminating the need for manual grading and allowing them to allocate their efforts more efficiently.

Grading Overload
The daily struggle between grading and impactful teaching is a challenge educators face. Hours spent assessing assignments take away valuable time that could be spent interacting with students and fostering their growth. Balancing administrative tasks with effective teaching becomes a juggling act.
Autograded Assignments
Speakable revolutionizes grading by automating the process. Features like auto-grading for repeat and respond cards free educators from manual grading. This solution saves countless hours, allowing them to focus more on teaching and less on administrative tasks.
More Time for Impactful Teaching
The benefits are substantial. Educators regain precious time that can be invested in interacting with students, delivering impactful lessons, and nurturing their growth. Speakable's grading efficiency is a game-changer, allowing educators to allocate their efforts more effectively.

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