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Section Analytics

Andrew Platt
November 29, 2023

What is the Speakable pronunciation success metric?

The Speakable pronunciation success metric measures student pronunciation improvements over a series of assignments (At least 5) . The goal of this graph is to view class speaking improvement over time on repeat cards. We remove assignments from the data that don’t include repeat cards.

How does it work?

The metric is calculated by incorporating the average phrase length of the assignment and the average speaking success rates across all terms on each assignment. Classes that speak longer phrases more accurately will see an increasing pronunciation success metric.

How is it calculated?

  1. Calculate the Speakable Pronunciation Success metric for each assignment
  2. Take the square root of the average phrase length. This accounts for increasing difficulty of assignments with more terms but doesn’t over exaggerate its importance.
  3. Multiply that value by the overall success rate on an assignment.                                            
  4. We take the 5-assignment moving average of pronunciation success metric from above.
  5. Taking the moving average removes the “noise” of the assignment by assignment fluctuations so you can see patterns over time.

Should I be worried if it went down?

The Speakable pronunciation success metric isn’t meant to diagnose a class from a single assignment (or even 5 - 10). It’s meant to show progress over long periods of time (think at least a few months to a semester or even a full school year). After reviewing a handful of section analytics, we’ve noticed that break throughs really begin to occur in the 15 - 20 assignment range. This makes sense! It takes time to start to feel comfortable speaking a new language. So while it’s fun and exciting to see your first analytics come through, be patient and know this persistence will certainly payoff. Our goal is to make a metric that accurately reflects these improvements in an easy-to-understand way.

More Analytics

Total Words Spoken

The total words spoken correctly in the section from all assignments and students. For example: the phrase “Hola! Como estas?” is considered 3 words spoken.

Success Rate

The percentage of total successes / total attempts for all repeat cards.

Average Phrase Length

The average length of phrases your students are pronouncing correctly. Note: this number is highly dependent on the length of phrases you assign students.


To fully harness the power of Speakable, we recommend first building confidence in your students’ abilities to speak their target language. You can do this by getting them to successfully complete short and simple phrases on the platform. Once students are comfortable with Speakable and speaking short terms in their target language, try to begin to increase the phrase length word by word. Before you know it, even your beginner students will be speaking full sentences fluently!


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