Ready for the ACCESS Speaking Test? Let Automated WIDA Estimates Show You Who Isn't

Explore how AI and LLM offer a new angle in language proficiency assessment for ACCESS test prep
Austin Meusch
Jan 15, 2024

Example Prompts for ACCESS Testing Prep

Explore 10 ACCESS test speaking prompts and learn how to seamlessly integrate them into Speakable for your class
Austin Meusch
Jan 14, 2024

Strategies for Successful In-Class Speaking Tasks

Every school/classroom is different, here are a few ideas on how you can get everyone going with Speakable.
Mel Brown
Sep 27, 2023

💌🍬 Love & Friendship Day in your Language Classroom 🗣️

Let’s dive into this special date and see how we can celebrate it in our classrooms:
Mar Clavijo
Sep 20, 2023

🧐 Is It Irresponsible To Auto-grade Speaking Assessments? 🔍

As a language teacher, you often face the challenge of assessing students' speaking skills.
Mar Clavijo
Aug 23, 2023

⚠️ Are You Biased When Giving Feedback To Students? 🗣️

Can you recognize and address bias when giving feedback to students?
Mar Clavijo
Aug 16, 2023

World Quotient In Language Teaching

As Ludwig Wittgenstein once said: "The limits of my language mean the limits of my world."
Mar Clavijo
Aug 1, 2023

El Coeficiente Global En La Enseñanza De Idiomas

Ludwig Wittgenstein una vez dijo: “Los límites de mi lenguaje representan los límites de mi mundo”
Mar Clavijo
Aug 1, 2023

Of Love Letters and the Usefulness of Second Languages

Manuela Saenz, a heroine of South American Wars for Independence, saved and loved Simon Bolivar...
History Hans
Sep 18, 2021

The Moors Got the Last Word

It may have been “the moor’s last sigh”, however, it wasn’t the last word on the subject.
History Hans
Sep 11, 2021

Revolutionary Art for the Language Classroom

Over the years I have found that utilizing visuals can help motivate students.
History Hans
Sep 4, 2021

The Virgin of the Descamisados

Utilizing great speeches can lead to effective and engaging lessons for the language teacher.
History Hans
Aug 28, 2021

A Practical Approach to Teaching Vocabulary

Feel like it's time to rethink how you teach vocabulary? Take some ideas from my focused-in-life approach.
Mar Clavijo
Aug 23, 2021

Opportunism, Execution and Madness: The Context behind Cinco de Mayo

One Latin holiday stands out for most “Americans” or people of the USA- but do people really understand the meaning of this date? 
History Hans
Aug 21, 2021

Travel Projects that Inspire

Looking for new ways to have your students explore the Spanish-speaking world? Send them on a trip!
Señora UP
Aug 12, 2021

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