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🚀 May Product Update

Daniela Serrano
May 5, 2024

At Speakable, we are always looking for ways to make your teaching experience more effective and rewarding. That's why we are excited to introduce our new Rubrics, enhanced with an AI assistant to make your life easier.

📌 Grading Methods

1. Rubric Grading

Ever thought about making grading smoother and more straightforward? Try incorporating Rubrics into your respond cards. You can build them from scratch, let our AI help you out, or pick from options in our library.

✨ Advantages: Detailed customization with the help of our AI, which will suggest criteria and scores based on the learning objectives you define.

🩷 Why You'll Love Them: They offer a complete and transparent evaluation, ensuring that your students clearly understand how they can improve.

2. Simple Grading Criteria

With just a brief description of what you want your students to respond, you can easily generate a pass or fail answer. It's a quick and efficient way to assess understanding and streamline your grading process.

✨ Advantages: Quick setup to grade your questions.

🩷 Why You'll Love Them: They allow you to review efficiently, providing clarity and conciseness in your evaluations

💭 Smart and Personalized Feedback

Imagine a system that tunes into exactly what your students need. That's what our AI aims to do. It gives detailed feedback that you can tweak to fit each student's unique needs and levels. This way, every student gets the chance to grow more efficiently and effectively.

  • 💭 Custom Comments: Teachers can leave direct and specific comments on each card, providing precise and constructive guidance.
  • ✏️ Rubric Adjustments: Flexibility to modify rubric results based on observation and additional criteria.
  • ✅ Approval Determination: Ability to adjust the criteria for passing or failing based on student performance, allowing for a more personalized and adaptive evaluation.

💭 Continue Exploring

Dive Deeper Into New Features

To help you make the most of the new functionalities in Grading Methods, we have prepared a series of blog posts that detail each aspect of these innovations. Here are three articles you shouldn't miss:

Creating and Using Rubrics for Better Grading in Speakable: Take an in-depth look at how custom rubrics can transform your feedback in the classroom. Read more here.

Respond Card Grading in Speakable: Explore the possibilities that rubric adjustments offer to fine-tune evaluation according to your specific needs. Read more here.

New and Improved Feedback for Students: Discover how approval determination allows for a more adaptive and personalized evaluation.Read more here.

We're excited to see how these new tools will spice up your teaching and offer new ways to engage your students. Dive in, try them out, and watch your students' potential soar.

Thanks for letting us be a part of your teaching journey!

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