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New and Improved Feedback for students

Andrew Platt
May 6, 2024

You now can control exactly what type of feedback your students receive from the respond card settings in the builder. You can select from…

Grammar Insights

  • Identify the grammar errors in the recording.
  • Highlight areas where the student performed well (compliments).

Suggested Response

The suggested response is generated by analyzing the student's response and improving it by correcting grammar errors, suggesting better communication methods, and fixing spelling and punctuation mistakes.

ACTFL Estimate or WIDA Estimate (English only)

Estimate the ACTFL (or WIDA) level of the student’s response. Note: this is NOT an estimate of the students actual ACTFL (or WIDA) Level. It is based solely on the complexity and length of the student’s response.

Rubric Results

If you've applied a rubric to your response card, you can view the results by clicking on the score panel located at the top right of the feedback card. The rubric results will display the scores chosen by the AI, along with the reasons for its choices.

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