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Creating and Using Rubrics for Better Grading in Speakable

Andrew Platt
May 6, 2024

Guide to Use Rubrics

  1. Accessing the Rubric Builder
  2. Templates
  3. Use AI to generate my own
  4. Create from scratch

Accessing the Rubric Builder

1. Inside of any respond card, scroll down to the “Grading” section and open in the collapsible drawer.

2. Click on the “Rubric” toggle then click on the rubric to open the rubric library


To get you started, Speakable has a couple of templates that you may copy and edit.

1. Select the “Template” chip inside of the Rubric library

2. Select browse through the template

3. Select one by clicking on the “Use the Rubric” in the navigation bar at the top.

4. The rubric will now be applied to that card. (Or all cards if you chose the second option)

Use AI to generate my own

1. Click on “Create New Rubric” button a the top of the Rubric builder.

2. Enter a prompt and click Generate OR click “Create from Scratch”.

3. Edit the rubric criteria and/or score definitions. Click on some text to begin editing. All text on the rubric is editable. (You may also describe the refinements you’d like to make to the AI in the rubric settings in the sidebar).

4. When you’re done, click the “Use this Rubric” button and select an option.

Create from Scratch

1. Click on the “Create new Rubric” button then select “Create from Scratch”

2. Type in a name and description

3. Add a criteria and score definitions by using the “+” button

4. When you’re done, click the “Use this Rubric” button and select an option. Be sure that each criteria has its own fields filled in.

Select your default rubric (profile setting)

  • If you select the “Set as my default rubric option inside of the “Use this rubric” dropdown menu, this will be your new default rubric when creating an activity.

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