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Introducing Speakable GPT: Your New Activity Creation Tool

Andrew Platt
May 16, 2024

We're excited to introduce Speakable GPT, a new tool designed to make creating language learning activities easier. Powered by GPT-4, Speakable GPT helps you quickly generate various educational content directly within the Speakable platform.

Exciting News for All Users

Right now, Speakable GPT is available to all ChatGPT subscribers, both Premium and Free versions.

What is Speakable GPT?

Speakable GPT is a feature that uses GPT-4 to help you create different types of language learning activities easily. Whether you need text-based instructions, speaking and writing prompts, or multiple-choice questions, Speakable GPT can help.

Getting Started with Speakable GPT

If you're a ChatGPT Plus subscriber, you can start using Speakable GPT by accessing the link to the Speakable GPT Builder.

Open Speakable GPT Builder

How to Create Activities with Speakable GPT

  1. Start a Conversation: Talk to Speakable GPT and give it an idea for your activity. For instance, you might say, "Create an AP Spanish exam practice activity."
  2. Set Up Your Activity: Tell Speakable GPT what types of cards you want. For example, "Please create an AP Spanish exam practice activity. Use text cards for instructions, respond cards for speaking and writing practice, and finish with five multiple-choice questions."
  3. Generate and Review: Speakable GPT will take a moment to create your activity. You can review what it has made to ensure it meets your needs.
  4. Finalize Your Activity: When you're ready, ask GPT to "Create in Speakable" and connect to the platform. You'll receive a preview of the activity, which you can assign directly or edit further in your library.

Example of Creating an Activity

Here’s a practical example:

  • Your Request: "Please create an AP Spanish exam practice activity. Use text cards for instructions, respond cards for speaking and writing practice, and wrap up with five multiple-choice questions."
  • GPT Processing: Speakable GPT will generate the activity based on your specifications.
  • Activity Output: The activity will include a variety of cards tailored to your request.

Uploading Documents

You can also upload documents to Speakable GPT. For instance, you could upload an AP Spanish practice document and ask Speakable GPT to turn it into a Speakable set.


Speakable GPT is a handy tool that uses GPT-4 to help you create detailed language activities quickly and easily. Whether you're a teacher making practice activities or a student looking for more study materials, Speakable GPT makes it simple.

We hope you enjoy using Speakable GPT. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out. Happy learning!

Upcoming Features

We’re excited to announce that we will soon release a new builder inside the Speakable app. This will allow teachers to use the AI activity builder directly within Speakable, making the process even more seamless and convenient. Stay tuned for more updates!

Get Started Today

Create a free teacher account to get started now. You can also explore our free pilot program to experience the all the benefits of Spekable firsthand.

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