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Introducing Speakable's Free Pilot Program

Austin Meusch
January 1, 2024

Are you looking for an effective way to enhance language learning in your classroom? Speakable is excited to offer a Free Pilot Program, providing a unique opportunity for schools and districts to experience our advanced language learning tools at no cost.

What is Speakable?

Speakable empowers educators with tools to create engaging language activities, deliver instant feedback, and streamline grading. Our platform supports speaking and writing practice, reading and listening comprehension, and proficiency tracking.

What’s Included in the Free Pilot Program?

Our Free Pilot Program offers full access to Speakable’s features, including:

  • AI-Powered Auto-Grading: Automatically grade assignments using custom rubrics.
  • Instant Feedback: Provide immediate feedback to students.
  • Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech: Enhance assessments and listening activities.
  • Activity Builder: Create diverse activities using audio, video, and text.
  • Proficiency Tracking: Monitor student progress over time including estimate WIDA or ACTFL levels.
  • Spaces for Collaboration: Teachers can create spaces with folders of activities for anyone in the space to use.
  • District Library: Share and access a variety of resources and activities.

Benefits of Joining the Pilot Program

  • Try Before You Buy: Determine if Speakable is the right tool for your school or district.
  • No Cost: Access all premium features for free.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Save time on grading and provide detailed feedback.
  • Improved Outcomes: Engage students with personalized learning activities.
  • Comprehensive Support: Receive dedicated support for smooth implementation.

How to Get Started

  1. Review Requirements: Check the pilot program slide deck to understand the program requirements.
  2. Schedule a Kick-Off Call: Book a call with our team to get started using this link.
"The analytics provide great insight at-a-glance. When you add phenomenal customer service that sees to teacher needs, you have a powerful combination that cares about what happens in the classroom." — Will Fritz, Prof. de Français

To contact our pilot program manager directly, email


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