Using Assignments on Desktop / Laptop Computers

This guide will walk you through how to utilize Speakable on your desktop or laptop computer, focusing on three primary steps: accessing...

Austin Meusch

This guide will walk you through how to utilize Speakable on your desktop or laptop computer, focusing on three primary steps: accessing Speakable via the Chrome browser, granting microphone permissions, and completing the speaking assignment. By adhering to this process, you are well on your way to make the most of Speakable's capabilities.

Getting Started: Access Speakable in the Chrome Browser

To kick things off, it is crucial that you access Speakable through the Chrome browser. This is because the full extent of Speakable's functionality is optimized for Chrome, thus ensuring a seamless user experience. Once you've fired up Chrome on your computer, make your way to the Speakable website. For first-time users, you would have to set up an account. If you're a returning user, just sign in to access your active assignments. The digital workspace is designed to be intuitive, so finding your way around shouldn't be much of a challenge.

Step Two: Grant Speakable Mic Permissions

Now that you're all set up, the next step is to grant Speakable the necessary permissions to access your microphone. This is a vital component of the process as it enables you to interact with the speaking assignments. Upon accessing an assignment for the first time, Speakable will prompt you to grant mic permissions. Just hit the "Allow" button. However, if you happen to deny access or encounter trouble with your microphone, not to worry - you can still alter your mic permissions via Chrome's browser settings. Just select the three dots at the top-right corner of the browser window, click on "Settings", proceed to the "Privacy and security" section, and then select "Site settings". From here, scroll down to the "Microphone" section and ensure Speakable has the necessary permissions.If students run into problems with the microphone access, please refer to this support article: Speakable isn't recognizing my (or my students) voice

Step Three: Ace Your Speaking Assignment

With the technical aspects out of the way, you're ready to dive into the speaking assignment. When you're ready to start, hit the "Start" button, and Speakable will present you with a prompt or a set of instructions to follow. All that's left is to speak your response into your microphone, ensuring you adhere to the given instructions or prompt.

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