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Calculate Your Time and Cost Savings with an Auto-Grading ROI Tool

Austin Meusch
April 11, 2024

For language teachers and administrators, grading speaking assignments and providing detailed feedback can be extremely time-consuming. However, Speakable's new ROI Calculator can help quantify the potential time and cost savings you could achieve by implementing auto-grading.

For Teachers: Save Valuable Time

As a teacher, the hours spent grading are hours away from planning lessons, professional development, or personal time. Speakable's ROI Calculator allows you to estimate the time savings from using auto-grading for speaking assignments.

Input the following:

  1. Number of Students
  2. Number of Units per school year
  3. Speaking Assignments Per Unit
  4. Average Manual Grading Time per submission
  5. Your Hourly Rate

The calculator will show your potential time savings in hours and the associated cost savings based on your rate.

For Administrators: Analyze Institutional Impact

Administrators overseeing language programs or districts can use the ROI Calculator to assess the larger impact of adopting auto-grading.

Enter data like:

  • Total number of students
  • Average units and speaking assignments
  • Average teacher hourly rate

You'll see the collective potential time and cost savings across your institution from implementing auto-grading solutions.

This data can guide resource allocation, budgeting, and planning for language initiatives. It also builds a case for adopting auto-grading by demonstrating benefits to teachers, students, and the institution.

Try the Interactive Calculator

Input your own numbers to see the auto-grading impact for your specific situation - whether you're a teacher wanting to reclaim time or an administrator optimizing resources.

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