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The New Speakable is Here!

Austin Meusch
July 13, 2023

Overview Video

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Pack up your old language instruction toolbox, educators! We’ve been cooking up a fresh batch of features that are sure to add a spark of fun and efficiency to your speaking activities.

Tailor Speaking Activities with Five Card Types

Flexibility is our middle name at Speakable. Want to custom-fit speaking activities to your classroom? We’re right there with you! We've refreshed our builder and now it rocks five card types:

  • Repeat Cards: A familiar friend with a new name! Our champion of automated language drills, this card type helps students practice pronunciation with immediate feedback.
  • Short Respond Cards: These quick-witted cards foster conversational skills by encouraging students to give responses within a 30-second window. Coupled with AI-generated feedback, these cards serve up bite-sized language instruction at its finest!
  • Long Respond Cards: Our long-players invite a deeper dive into language understanding and expression. With up to three minutes of response time, students can explore their language abilities while gaining instant feedback.
  • Video Cards: An audio-visual treat for language instruction! Students watch and interact with video content, boosting their listening and comprehension skills in the most entertaining way.
  • Text Cards: Need to clearly communicate instructions or highlight key points? Use these cards to craft detailed guidelines or separate sections with our rich formatting and hyperlink options.

With this diverse quintet of card types, your language instruction can be as vibrant and interactive as a language fiesta!

Introducing the Lightning Builder

Say hello to our Lightning Builder - quicker than a pop quiz and smarter than your honor roll student. Craft speaking assignments in less time than it takes to finish your morning coffee, all with a dash of AI and Google Images on the side.The AI Card Creator is your trusty sidekick, generating repeat cards based on a topic of your choice, fully equipped with images and translations. Pick the difficulty level and you're good to go!Got a Quizlet set that fits your lesson perfectly? Our Import feature makes it easy to copy and paste sets from Quizlet, spreadsheets, documents, and more. It's like having your very own language instruction magic wand!

Two Grading Methodologies

Practice Grading Method: Feedback so fast, it could break records! Students get immediate insight into their performance, while you gain access to real-time analytics and can fine-tune grades after the assignment is completed. You're in the grading driver's seat!

Assessment Grading Method: When deeper analysis is the order of the day, this method provides recordings, transcripts, and AI feedback for you to review and refine before returning to students. It's like having an AI assistant to ensure effective language instruction.

Section Dashboards and Improved Analytics

Out with the old assignment list and in with a slick dashboard! Exercise full control over your sections and easily track student progress. Plus, grading is now a breeze with the ability to view and grade student submissions by student or by card. And guess what? You can also see students' estimated ACTFL or WIDA levels for respond cards. Progress tracking just got a major upgrade!

New Kid on the URL Block:

We've moved neighborhoods from to the sleeker, cooler, effective now.Ready to take the new Speakable for a spin? Head over to to explore the new features. And because we believe in sharing the love, we're giving all users a free professional plan trial for July. Just remember, from August 1st, the legacy application and will bid us adieu.

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