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Simplifying Classroom Management with Speakable’s Integrations

Austin Meusch
May 15, 2024

Keeping everything organized as a teacher can be challenging, but Speakable is here to help. Our integrations with popular Learning Management Systems (LMS) make it easy to sync rosters and pass back grades, letting you focus more on teaching and less on administrative tasks. Here's a closer look at our current and upcoming integrations designed to streamline your classroom management.

Current LMS Integrations

Google Classroom

We’ve got you covered with our Google Classroom integration, which includes:

  • Roster Syncing: Automatically keep your class rosters up-to-date.
  • Grade Passback: Effortlessly sync grades from Speakable assignments back to Google Classroom, saving you time and reducing manual work.

Upcoming LMS Integrations

We’re excited about some new integrations that will be ready before the next school year (August 2024). These will offer the same handy roster syncing and grade passback features:


  • Roster Syncing: Keep your student information updated without lifting a finger.
  • Grade Passback: Easily sync grades to Moodle’s gradebook.


  • Roster Syncing: Automatically import and update your class rosters.
  • Grade Passback: Transfer assignment grades directly to Canvas.


  • Roster Syncing: Ensure your student lists are always accurate.
  • Grade Passback: Simplify grading with automatic updates to Blackboard’s gradebook.


  • Roster Syncing: Keep rosters in sync without the hassle.
  • Grade Passback: Send grades directly from Speakable to Brightspace.


  • Roster Syncing: Synchronize student information effortlessly.
  • Grade Passback: Streamline grading with automatic grade updates.

Clever Integration for Class Rostering

In addition to LMS integrations, we also work with Clever for class rostering. With Clever, you can:

  • Efficient Rostering: Automatically sync student rosters from Clever to Speakable.
  • Simplified Management: Reduce the hassle of manual data entry and keep your focus on teaching.

Single Sign-On (SSO) for Easy Access

To make things even simpler, Speakable supports Single Sign-On (SSO) with Google and Clever. This means:

  • Google SSO: Teachers and students can log in using their Google accounts for quick and secure access.
  • Clever SSO: Use Clever’s SSO capabilities to make logging in easier for everyone.

Looking Ahead

We’re always working on new ways to make your job easier. With the upcoming integrations for Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace, and Schoology, managing your classroom will be smoother than ever.

Keep an eye out for updates and new features that will enhance your Speakable experience. For more information on setting up and using our integrations, visit our support center or contact us at We’re here to help!

Manage your classroom with ease using Speakable’s integrations, and spend more time doing what you love—teaching!

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