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Using Speakable Assignments on an iPhone or iPad

March 15, 2023

When it comes to using Speakable on your iPhone or iPad, Safari is your trusted companion. The relationship between Safari and Speakable represents a well-constructed interplay of software design, providing users with a seamless journey through the language-learning application. Open Safari and head to the Speakable website, where you can either log into an existing account or create a new one. Once in, you'll find yourself in a world of engaging assignments ready to be explored.

Granting Microphone Permissions

Speakable thrives on user interaction, a cornerstone of its pedagogical philosophy. For the platform to hear your pronunciation attempts and provide constructive feedback, it needs access to your device's microphone. Upon opening a Speakable assignment, you will be prompted to grant microphone permissions - simply select "Allow".

However, if you mistakenly choose "Deny" or encounter microphone-related problems, the remedy is within easy reach. Navigate to your device's Settings, scroll down to "Safari", find the "Microphone" option, and ensure it's enabled. Once corrected, return to your assignment on Speakable and grant the requested microphone permissions once more.

Engaging with Speakable Assignments

The preliminaries having been attended to, it's time to step onto the field and engage with your Speakable assignments. Tapping the "Start" button sets the ball rolling. Speakable will provide a prompt or a set of instructions. Speak your responses into the microphone, immersing yourself in the task. An extra feature allows you to play back your responses, enabling self-assessment and promoting self-correction - a critical factor in mastering a new language.

Mic Troubles? Not to Worry

Despite our best efforts, technical difficulties can sometimes arise. If you or your students encounter challenges with microphone access or if Speakable doesn’t seem to recognize voices, don't fret. We have a dedicated support article, "Speakable isn’t recognizing my (or my students) voice," which provides an exhaustive guide on troubleshooting and resolving such issues. This way, you're never stranded – assistance is always at hand.


Thus, with a few steps, you're able to harness the transformative power of Speakable on your iPhone or iPad. Begin by launching Speakable via Safari, provide the essential microphone permissions, and then dive headfirst into the array of speaking assignments. Speakable isn't merely an app; it's a revolution, empowering educators to craft engaging language exercises and providing students with an interactive, efficient way of acquiring language proficiency. Speakable brings the future of language learning to the palm of your hand. So, immerse yourself in this revolutionary experience and let the language journey begin.


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