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Austin Meusch
Cofounder & CEO
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Speakable for English as a New Language Programs

Enhance your ENL programs with Speakable's AI-powered tools for creating engaging activities, instant feedback, and streamlined grading.
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Managing Your Speakable Subscription

Learn how to create, upgrade, or manage your Speakable subscription.
Tech in Education

Introducing Speakable's Free Pilot Program

Try Speakable's Free Pilot Program and experience our advanced language learning tools at no cost for schools and districts.
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Speakable for World Language Programs

Discover Speakable for world language programs! Use AI for auto-grading, instant feedback, and proficiency tracking.
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What is Speakable?

Speakable: AI-powered auto-grading and instant feedback for language education.
Product Updates

Speakable's Privacy Principles

At Speakable, we prioritize student safety and data privacy throughout our product development process.

Simplifying Classroom Management with Speakable’s Integrations

Discover how Speakable’s LMS integrations simplify classroom management with single sign-on, roster syncing and grade passback.
Grading & Feedback

Top Auto-Grading Tools for Second Language Education

Compare top auto-grading tools for language education
Grading & Feedback

The Role of Auto-Grading in Language Education: Understanding AI-Powered Assessment

Auto-grading, using AI, is changing language education. Learn about its types, applications, limitations, benefits, and how to get started.
Grading & Feedback

Calculate Your Time and Cost Savings with an Auto-Grading ROI Tool

Calculate time & cost savings from auto-grading with Speakable's new ROI Calculator tool. Input your data to see the potential impact.
Teaching Resources

Ready for the ACCESS Speaking Test? Let Automated WIDA Estimates Show You Who Isn't

Explore how AI and LLM offer a new angle in language proficiency assessment for ACCESS test prep
Teaching Resources

Example Prompts for ACCESS Testing Prep

Explore 10 ACCESS test speaking prompts and learn how to seamlessly integrate them into Speakable for your class

Introducing Speakable's Affiliate Program for Teachers

Get 10% recurring revenue from world language/ESL teacher subscriptions you refer.
Tech in Education

Artificial Intelligence: The Great Lie

The chatter about chatbots like ChatGPT has reached a fever pitch... but how much of this enthusiasm is overhyped marketing?
Tutorials & Guides

Choosing the Right Speakable Plan for Your Teaching Needs

Find the perfect plan for yourself or your organization
Tutorials & Guides

Unblocking Google Sign On for your Students using Speakable

Your institution's Google Workspace might be blocking your students from signing in. Here's what you'll need to tell your IT department.
Trends & Analysis

Case Study: Exploring the Impact of 22 Speaking Assignments

The dataset delves into the speaking assignment results of a Spanish 1 class for middle school students in the United States
Grading & Feedback

How Does Repeat Card Auto-Grading Work?

Let's dive into the core of this question while also considering the unique experiences of the students.
Product Updates

The New Speakable is Here!

We’ve been cooking up a fresh batch of features that are sure to add a spark of fun and efficiency to your speaking activities.
Tutorials & Guides

Setting Students Up for Success: Guide to using Text Cards for Instructions.

In this article, we'll guide you on how to use this feature to create effective instructional cards..

Teachers: The Product Managers of Education

One insight that continually resurfaces is the significant overlap between my job and that of a world language teacher..
Learning Resources

How Second Language Learners Can Set Realistic and Achievable Goals

Applying the "long term patient, short term impatient" mindset to second language acquisition
Tutorials & Guides

How to Embed a Speakable Assignment in a Formative Assessment

Do you love bringing all kinds of content, activities, questions, and quizzes together using Formative assessments? We do too!
Classroom Culture

How to Create a Safe Place to Practice Speaking

Speaking a new language can be daunting, especially in front of friends and classmates. Make your language students feel at ease...

How to Overcome Foreign Language Anxiety

You’ve probably heard other teachers, professors, and business professionals discuss the advantages of knowing a second language in the...

Bridging the Feedback Gap in Language Education

Language teaching, in essence, has always been a venture that demands a high degree of personalization. By nature, it's a complex process...
Classroom Culture

Unleashing the Potential of Your Language Learners

The initial phase of learning a second language is a fascinating odyssey that often merges triumphs, challenges, and occasional...

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