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Andrew Platt
Cofounder & CTO
Activity Creation

Introducing Speakable GPT: Your New Activity Creation Tool

Discover Speakable GPT, a tool that helps educators quickly create language learning activities. Easy, efficient, and now available to all!
Grading & Feedback

Creating and Using Rubrics for Better Grading in Speakable

Unlock the power of efficient grading with our comprehensive guide to using rubrics. Learn how to access the Rubric Builder, utilize templat
Grading & Feedback

New and Improved Feedback for students

Empower your teaching with precise feedback options in Speakable's respond card settings. Choose from Grammar Insights, Suggested Response,
Grading & Feedback

Respond Card Grading in Speakable

Discover the grading power of Speakable! Whether it's simple pass/fail or detailed rubrics, customize your assessments for student success.
Product Updates

Student Reports

This new feature is set to enhance how you monitor and communicate student progress.
Product Updates

New Card Types: Podcasts and Multiple Choice

We're thrilled to announce two exciting updates to enhance your Speakable experience:
Product Updates

Section Analytics

Track your class's speaking analytics over time.

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